Study suggests Ukraine has the fastest-growing digital advertising market in Europe

IAB Europe revealed its latest digital advertising study AdEx Benchmark 2018 (pdf). It was the first time Ukraine was included in the report and ranks first by growth rate.

According to the study, the revenue from Ukraine’s digital advertising market in 2018 amounted to 475M euros. It puts Ukraine 19th in Europe ahead of Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, and others.

Ukrainian digital market has become the fastest-growing in Europe with a growth rate at 26.9%. The runner-ups are Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, and Serbia.

Other highlights of the study:

  • Ukraine’s display advertising market saw a 32% increase. It is the best result in Europe.
  • Classified and catalog ads market saw an 18% increase (fifth place).
  • Ukrainian search advertising market soared 25% (fourth place).
  • Online video advertising soared 38% (seventh place).