David Braun to chair National Investment Council

AIN.UA has learned that David Braun, co-founder of Template Monster and Weblium, will become the secretary of the National Investment Council. Braun confirmed his appointment to AIN.UA but did not specify the exact date of entry into office. The president’s website has not yet published a decree regarding this appointment.

David Braun at iForum-2019. Photo credit: Olha Zakrevska / AIN.UA

What is the National Investment Council?

The National Investment Council is a consultative body of the presidential administration, established in 2016. Previously, it was headed by Boris Lozhkin, co-founder of UMH holding. The council is tasked with attracting investments into the country and developing a policy to improve the investment climate.

Braun’s task

The entrepreneur explained in his comment to AIN.UA that the role of the investment council is to coordinate Ukraine’s narrative as a country towards investors, promote new investment projects, increase investment volume, and accordingly the number of new jobs.

“This is not a hypothetical ministry of innovations, but an advisory body that is responsible for building relations with investors, translating their wishes into real changes inside the country. I have set two KPIs personally for myself: the amount of foreign direct investment in the country, less investments in securities, and the number of jobs created. I will consider it a success if the figures are doubled in a few years,” the entrepreneur said.

He also made it clear that he is preparing for the parliamentary elections (he is 4th in the list of “Servant of the People” party) and is currently leaving all his commercial projects. However, he plans to continue educational activities in the field of entrepreneurship.