Bot&Partners, creator of lawyer bots for Telegram and Facebook, raises $20k for 10% stake

Bot & Partners has secured an investment from the company belonging to Andrey Khorsev and Alexey Ivankin and which makes Opendatabot. AIN.UA learned the details from Khorsev.


The size of the investment is $20,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company, and representatives of Opendatabot joined the founders of Bot&Partners.

What does Bot&Partners do

The company makes bots for Facebook and Telegram that advise IT companies and startups on GDPR, prepare tax reports for Private Entrepreneurs, generate software development contracts and charters for LLCs, etc.

The company informed AIN.UA that СEO of Opendatabot Alexey Ivankin and CEO of Bot&Partners Nikita Podgainy met three years ago when they talked with government agencies about open data.

Since then, teams have been communicating with each other: Bot&Partners received expertise on open data to automate legal processes, and Opendatabot consulted on legal issues. For example, Bot&Partners developed for Opendatabot users a design of an extract from the real estate register and an algorithm for filling in tax returns for FOP (Private Entrepreneur).

“In Ukraine, it is very difficult to find a lawyer with a long-term plan for things. Usually, they protect businesses from law enforcement and cannot even imagine what would happen if all of a sudden these agencies stop harassing the business. B&P sees how law firms will work in 5-10 years. We at Opendatabot want to support this vector of development of Ukrainian jurisprudence,” Khorsev notes.

Currently, Bot&Partners is working on contract management solution.