Viber now has own business development manager in Ukraine, considers opening office in future

AIN.UA learned that Viber is planning to open a Ukrainian representative office. We have reached out to the company to get their official comment about the possibility of an office in Ukraine.

The information was confirmed in the company, but not completely, indicating that Kyiv already has a business development manager who will work with Viber customers. The company’s CEO, Djamel Agaoua, emphasized that this is the first step in expanding the business in the country.

“Rakuten Viber views Ukraine as a strategically important market: more than 95% of smartphone owners in the country have installed Viber. We have just been joined by our first employee in Ukraine – head of business development department. He will work from Kyiv and develop partnerships and work with clients of the company. This is only the first step in expanding the company’s business in the country.

The upcoming visit of our employees to Ukraine fully reflects the plans of Rakuten aimed at forging strong partnerships with market participants and developing the company’s ecosystem,” he noted.