Futuristic capsule hotel chain to open its doors in Kyiv, starting at $36 a night, online check-in and silent service

A chain of futuristic hotels with tech capsules instead of conventional rooms is to open its doors in Kyiv. The project is called Monotel, and according to its representatives, the first hotel is set to open its doors in Kyiv as soon as in August of this year.

Concept of reception desk at Monotel

Ksenia Chigarkina, a co-founder of Monotel, shared the details of the hotel with AIN.UA.

What is a capsule hotel

The concept of the hotel appeals to the rational use of both space and resources. The tradition of sleep in capsular space came from Asia: such hotels began to appear in Tokyo back in the 70s – it is the cheapest way to get through the night there.

According to the founders of Monotel, Ukraine hasn’t seen anything like it. It was created in the image and likeness of high-tech Asian capsule hotels. It will have an online check-in, digitally controlled capsules, and you can order any services without having to talk to the staff (the so-called silent service).

“At the core of the Monotel project is, above all, the rational use of resources. Monotel provides what modern lifestyle requires without having to overspend, use excess meters, space and time. A stay in a monocapsule has nothing to do with a stay at a hostel or a wooden cell, which is also called a capsule,” commented Anna Osipenko, founder of Monotel.

Founders of Monotel

Anna Osipenko is the founder and mastermind of the project, and Ksenia Chigarkina helps her. Partners are not disclosed, but it is known that there are private investors.

Precisely due to the interest in the project from the owners of non-residential premises, the founders of Monotel decided to establish an entire chain, and not just one location, from scratch.

What would Monotel look like

As Chigarkina explained, at Monotel, each capsule is a self-contained personal space. Monocapsules are the touch-activated pods stacked on one another. At the entrance, there is a ladder with steps and a railing for climbing to the second level.


A capsule is opened with an electronic key that turns it on. Navigation inside is in English and all controls are touch-sensitive. All capsules are equipped with the following:

  • air handling system;
  • memory mattress;
  • adjustable lights (blue to relax, white to read);
  • earphones;
  • charger for gadgets;
  • 220V power outlet;
  • USB port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • illuminated mirror.

After check-in, the guest will immediately get their personal bedding set.


There are going to be female and male capsules, as well as double couples (monocapsules and capsules for couples). Both are equally equipped with the only difference in size. Weight limit of a single capsule is 200 kilograms, the length of each capsule is 220 cm, and its width is 150 cm.

Other services

Showers and toilets in the hotel are shared but separate for men and women. Lockers are provided for personal effects. There will also be a shared laundry, ironing room, luggage storage, and a 24-hour front desk.


Access to the lounge area is controlled by the card issued for the period of stay, and the locker for personal effects is unlocked with a fingerprint. 

Front desk (view from above)

Slippers, pajamas, cosmetics, clothes, chargers and smart devices can be bought at your local monoShop or pre-ordered online.


The stay is charged both per night and per period of stay. The cost of an overnight stay in a monocapsule will be $36, in a capsule for couples – $58.

You can pay with any card, even cryptocurrency.

When and where will hotels open their doors

The first hotel of the chain located on Bessarabska Square will open its doors in August. Everything is ready for the installation of the equipment – the repair and finishing works have been fully completed, the staff is being recruited.

Two other hotels will open their doors to guests at the Golden Gate and in the vicinity of the Kyiv Cycle Track at Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, also this year. Currently, both hotels are still in the concept stage.

Investments and construction

The cost part, according to Monotel representatives, will average $1,200 per square meter, everything will depend on the configuration of the room, its capacity, and other parameters. The payback period is determined as 2.5 – 3 years.

The hotels will be located in the retrofitted existing premises – nothing will be built from scratch. All technological solutions for Monotel will be delivered from China, while Ukrainian contractors are responsible for the software. Interior solutions have been developed by a team of Ukrainian designers and architects, all the furniture is also manufactured locally.