English to become mandatory to get admitted to university. Part of curriculum to be in English

Ministry of education and science of Ukraine approved the Development concept of English language at universities. One of its provisions reads that students should have at least B1 (Intermediate) level of English to get admitted to a university.

“All studies point to the fact that country’s economic growth is dependent on its citizens’ command of English. Among 32 non-English-speaking countries Ukraine is ranking 28th in English proficiency,” stated minister of education Liliya Hrynevych.

According to the minister, one of the main problems of the English language in universities is the level with which graduates are being admitted there. The purpose of the concept is to:

  • Ensure that all students have level B1 upon admission by 2023. It will become mandatory to get accepted to an undergraduate degree program. 
  • If, for example, during the external independent testing it turns out that a prospective student doesn’t know the language, it doesn’t deprive them of a right to enter a university. But such prospective students will be required to attend language courses before the beginning of academic year.
  • Undergraduate students will be required to have a В1+ level regardless of their specialty, and B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level will be mandatory for MSc and PhD.
  • Some of the major disciplines at universities will be taught in English.