Ukrainian project of a compact light module raises money on Kickstarter during 2 hours

Yaroslav Neliubov, an entrepreneur from Dnipro, has brought a project of a compact photo studio PhotonLMS to Kickstarter. The device was 100% financed during first two hours after publication. Now on the project account there is a little more than $80,000 however the requested sum was $25,000.

PhotonLMS is a mini-studio with constant LED lighting that can be controlled with the help of a mobile application.

As the founder of the project explained to AIN.UA, the device solves quite a common problem for today.

A lot of equipment is needed for detailed object shooting (4 mini-flashes, umbrellas, reflectors, a table for object shooting, screens, backgrounds, fastening systems and a place to accommodate all this. PhotonLMS replaces the entire aforementioned list.

In addition to the above constant monitoring and adjustment in the formulation of the correct light are required, and the photographer sees the result only after he takes the picture.

“Let us take one example, you have an online store selling shoes with a constantly changing product and you always need new high-quality content. You need the photographer, but he must first receive the goods, shoot, process – it takes time and it is expensive. With the help of PhotonLMS, you get quality content without photography skills at home, in the office or in the store. ”

With the help of РhotonLMS you can instantly change the lighting of the object with the help of a mobile application and see the result immediately.

РhotonLMS costs $599 and takes space of 1/4 sq.m. Standard equipment includes:

  • 3 light modules,
  • 3 backgrounds (white, black, colourful),
  • power supply unit,
  • fasteners for fixing modules and backgrounds,
  • power wires,
  • screens for isolated shooting,
  • mini tripods for camera and smartphone.

The configuration of the modules varies depending on the size of the object, the need for backgrounds, and screens.