Glovo couriers in Kyiv go to a protest: what they do not like and what the company says

On July 22, couriers of the Glovo delivery service organized for a protest meeting under the company’s office in Kyiv. There were about 25 people and they protested against the worsening of working conditions.

Couriers’ position

According to “Informator”, Glovo raised salaries for its couriers, but also increased the number of deliveries to receive bonuses. Now the courier needs to make more than 100 deliveries per week in order to earn decent salary. In addition, the participants of the protest noted that couriers themselves pay for fuel costs, depreciation, and insurance.

Company’s position

The company replied to the request of the editorial team of AIN.UA about the protest that starting July 20th, Glovo had changed the bonus system for the formation of the courier’s income.

“Now the income of the courier is formed as follows: there is a basic income and bonuses. An courier receives basic income for each completed order. Bonuses are counted for a number of completed orders. At the same time, their size may change, about which couriers are warned,” the company stated.

Also the company noted that couriers are always warned about such changes on weekly sessions and through other channels of communication.