PocketBook with Ukrainian roots begins selling e-books, 90% of content is in Ukrainian

The Swiss company PocketBook, which was founded in Ukraine, is developing a new niche. In addition to the production and sale of electronic readers, the company plans to launch sales of electronic content in Europe. It started in Ukraine. The Ukrainian pocketbook.ua store is already working, in which, in addition to readers and accessories for them, you can buy licensed e-books.

Why books?

“The Swiss company with Ukrainian roots boasts dozens of released reader models and a cloud service for reading called PocketBook Cloud, so the decision to start selling content was logical and just waiting for its time,” the company explained.

What is already available

At the moment, the store offers several thousand e-books. About 90% of the content is in Ukrainian. The company says that the assortment of content will grow.

The content catalog is divided into categories, which greatly simplifies the navigation and search for the desired book. Fiction, science fiction, detective stories, children’s literature: without even knowing what to read, the user will be able to pick up an interesting book using one of a dozen available categories. 

What’s next

In the future, the new PocketBook store will appear on readers as a native application.

Rocketbook.ua is the first step in the company’s strategy. The company plans to kick off similar platforms in other European countries. Germany is the next country on the list. 

When choosing content for their stores the company will take into account the interests of readers in each particular country.