20% of Ukrainians do not want to go back to work abroad. They were paid less than $1,000 per month

20% of Ukrainians who went to work abroad do not want to go back there. This is evidenced by the results of the survey OLX Work.

It is interesting that, according to analysts, today working abroad is unpopular not only among those who have worked in another country and improved their financial situation but also among respondents who are barely making ends meet.

Profile of a labor migrant from Ukraine

In Ukraine, the majority of those who had experience working abroad and do not plan to return are men with families (about 70%) aged 25-34 and 45-54 years.

7 out of 10 employees live in cities.

The level of education is different for everyone: 41% of respondents have a complete higher education and 39% have only secondary education.

Reason for working abroad

Ukrainians leave to work abroad due to low salaries in a home country, lack of jobs. Many of those make their wish to see the world true.

Where did they go?

The main areas of labor migration for people who decided to stay in Ukraine:

  • Poland – 33%,
  • Russia – 35%,
  • Germany – 11%.

How much did they earn?

Almost half of Ukrainians who do not want to return to work abroad for now received less than $1,000. Another 18% received up to $1,200.

Only 11% of those who do not plan to re-employ earned $2,000 per month.

Why don’t they want to return to work abroad?

About half of the employees abroad did not work in their specialty. Almost a quarter of dissatisfied respondents worked abroad in the construction sector. The second most popular industry is transport and logistics, mainly it was the driver’s work – 17%. Top 3 is closed with production – 15%.

Every fifth respondent admitted that he or she was disappointed with the work experience abroad.

The main reason why employees don’t want to return is psychological discomfort associated with moving and remoteness from relatives (42%). Also among the respondents, there are a lot of those who began to make good money in Ukraine upon their return (29%).

Another top reason is the high cost of living and food in other countries (16%). A quarter of the respondents had conflicts with the employer who had a negative attitude towards employees.

The rest were satisfied with the employer-employee relationship.