Ukrainian castles appear on Tinder – this is a project of the “12 Guards” charity foundation and Royenko Agency

Profiles of Ukrainian castles appeared on Tinder, according to MMR.UA.

This is a social project of the “12 Guards” charity foundation and the Royenko Agency. They want to draw attention to the preservation of historical fortifications with the help of dating. There are more than 5,000 of them in Ukraine, but only a few are known.

“Loneliness destroys… I have been alone for over a hundred years. I want to meet someone, to tell my story, to organize a celebration or even a festival for friends” is a description of one of the castle profiles.

Idea and implementation

Integration with Tinder is a part of the project “Lonely one looks for a muse”. Profiles were registered on August 16th.

The idea belongs to the creative director of Royenko Agency, Zosia Zosim. As the founder of the agency Olga Roenko said in a conversation with AIN.UA, it was a pro-bono project for which no fee was charged. Some activity was recorded after the first weekend:

Our task was to attract vast public attention to the problem. However, so that it does not cause sorrow and pity, so we went for a prank.

There were about 300 matches. In on-line chat, we talked about the project, received positive feedback. There have also been more than 50 publications in the national media, without taking into consideration TV and radio broadcasts.

Several accounts were blocked, but the authors of the project have already turned to Tinder support to enlist their support and return profiles before the end of the month.

What is “12 Guards”

“12 Guards” was launched by Ukrainian traveler Lala Tarapakina. The fund raises money for the shooting of the stories about castles, as well as organizing “voluntary Saturday work” to restore order, to make souvenirs, and to increase tourism.