Relocation to Germany. Ukrainians are ready to move to earn a salary of up to €1,000

The recruiting portal|grc ( previously HeadHunter Ukraine) has analyzed the database of CVs of Ukrainians who are considering relocation. Germany turned out to be one of the most interesting countries for moving – it ranks second among countries where domestic specialists are ready to move.

Portrait of a candidate for relocation to Germany

  • 76% of them have higher education.
  • 70% are males.
  • Most often, relocate in Germany is sought by Ukrainians aged 31-40 years, in the second place – 18-30 years old, and the group of candidates aged 41-50 years old is on the third place.
  • Almost three-quarters of jobseekers with a higher education who would like to work in Germany are professionals with more than 6 years of experience, and 14% have from 3 to 6 years of experience.
  • Only 12% of candidates wishing to relocate to Germany know the German language.

Professional field of candidates

  • The most active in looking for employment in Germany in 2019 were IT specialists (30% of CVs)
  • Relocation to Germany is also of interest to top managers and marketers (10% of each).

Salary expectations

  • More than a third are ready to move to Germany for a salary of up to €1,000.
  • 30% were interested in jobs with salaries up to €2,000.
  • Only 4% of applicants want a salary of at least €5,000.