Ukrainian 3DLOOK becomes a resident of Station F, the world’s biggest campus

Ukrainian startup 3DLOOK became a resident of the Station F campus in Paris for six months, according to the founder of the project Vadym Rogovskiy. The company develops a human body 3D scanning technology.

3DLOOK got into the third season of the so-called “Startup house” from fashion-group LVMH. In total, there are 26 startups that develop solutions in nine categories: from data processing to personalization. In 2019, 3DLOOK received the LVMH Innovation Award.

About Station F

Station F is the world’s largest startup campus with the area of 34,000 sq. meters in central Paris. It was opened in 2017. Station F has gathered more than 1,000 startups and has 30 business programs.

How it works

3DLOOK will have one workplace on the campus, but the team will attend the events of the program with extended staff and can increase the number of workplaces. The startup is also looking for a local business development manager.

Station F emphasizes that they are not an incubator, but a campus. Everything depends on a startup: how actively it uses the opportunities offered. Among them are a large number of daily events, with the participation of companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. One of the opportunities is the collaboration of startups with each other, as a result of which new products and projects can emerge.

The workspace and meeting facilities at Station F are provided free of charge for six months. You can rent a place to stay for an additional fee.

Startup house, photo: LVMH

Whether 3DLOOK will continue to work at Station F depends on their business activity:

Everything depends only on us – how actively we will cooperate with LVMH Houses, how many projects we will develop during this time.

According to the representatives of 3DLOOK, the company will improve its technology of creating 3D models in the near future :

Currently, our technology can create a 3D model and obtain 39 accurate measurements of the human body with two photos. We are planning to improve it to using of a single photo.

According to the representatives of the startup, now the accuracy of 3DLOOK algorithms is not much different from the advanced 3D scanners and often is better than manual measurements of tailors.