How many days you have to work to buy a new iPhone. Ukraine tops the anti-rating list

On September 10 Apple introduced its new iPhones. Prices in the U.S. start from $699 to $1,099 for the top of the line model. In Ukraine, the cheapest version of the new product will cost UAH 24,000. Analysts of the discount service Picodi calculated how long average Ukrainian has to work to afford iPhone 11.

Ukraine tops the anti-rating. According to the State Statistics Committee, the average monthly salary in the first half of this year was UAH 10,783.13 (UAH 8,680.4 net). Thus, in Ukraine, one will have to work 96.7 days to afford a new Apple smartphone. However, that is 40 days less than a year ago.

The leaders of the rating are Switzerland, the U.S., and Luxembourg, where the ratio of iPhone to average salary is the most favorable. The average Swiss will be able to afford the new iPhone 11 in 4.8 days, American – in 5.8 days, and Luxembourger – in 6.7 days.

In Poland and the Czech Republic, the new gadget is equivalent to 31.8 and 25.2 working days.


The iPhone 2019 indicator was calculated on the basis of prices for iPhone 11 (64 GB) officially published on local Apple websites or authorized resellers. The average salary is taken from the websites of national statistical offices or relevant ministries. The salary is divided by 21 (average number of working days in a month).