Label Platform is being searched. What we found out

The law enforcement agencies conducted searches of the top management of the IT company Label Platform. This is the Ukrainian representative office of the French AdTech company.

According to AIN.UA sources inside the company, law enforcement agencies entered the homes of five senior employees since the very morning. During the search, documents, equipment, and smartphones were seized.

  • The search also was conducted in one of the company’s offices. The company has several locations, but nothing is known about other searches.
  • According to unconfirmed information, the reason for the activity is allegedly fraudulent schemes on Forex and other related services.
  • The Ukrainian team has about 50 employees.
  • Prosecutor Yaroshenko V. and senior investigator Platov O. worked on the case.
  • According to unverified information, the head of the investigation is Shevtsov E.

The editorial board of AIN.UA requested a comment from Label Platform, but at the time of publication of the article, it had not received a reply.

What does Label Platform do

The project works in the field of ‘white label’ product and produces content (video, electronic books), which is sold by its customers under their brand. The company has a subscription-based model of monetization.