Almost the entire population of Ukraine under 35 surfs the internet, according to a global study

In 2019, for the first time in 3 years, Internet penetration in Ukraine significantly increased (the percentage of Internet users of the total population of the country). Such data is contained in a study of the Ukrainian Internet audience, which was surveyed by InAU by Factum Group.

One of the reasons for this increase is the increase in the number of smartphones. Now 22% of users go online exclusively from mobile devices. A smartphone in 2019 was the first and only device to exit online for a large share of new users. Almost the entire population of Ukraine under the age of 35 is Internet users.

The number of users

Internet penetration in the country as of September 2019 was measured at 71% (22.96 million users, i.e. those who claim to use the Internet once a month or more). 65% of the country’s population has Internet access at home (21 million people).

The quarterly growth dynamics of Internet penetration, starting in 2010, looks like this:

It should be borne in mind that until the third quarter of 2014, here are included data on the Crimea and the occupied territories.

Annual Internet penetration growth dynamics:

Portrait of a user

If we talk about a portrait of a Ukrainian Internet user, the largest age group of users is 25-34 years:

If you analyze the level of income and education of regular users, the following graph will be obtained:

Among the regular Internet users, the largest number are workers and specialists engaged in non-physical work:

60% of regular users are married or live with someone:

As for Internet access, for 66% of regular users, this is a mobile phone or smartphone. For another 40% – a home laptop, for 36% – a desktop, for 5% – a desktop at work, for 4% – a work laptop, for 1% – a computer at the place of study, another 1% – a computer in an Internet cafe, and for 1% – during visiting friends.

The study was conducted in August-September of 2019. Data was collected using interviews at the place of residence. 2,110 people were interviewed in total.