₴3.1 billion in taxes and fees: Nova Poshta summarizes the results of 9 months of work

More than 2 million minimum pensions or scholarships, as well as repair of 155 km of roads, this is exactly what a bill for UAH 3.1 billion in taxes and fees can cover, and which the Nova Poshta Group of Companies paid for the period January-September 2019. And this is 30% more than in the same period of 2018. According to the State Fiscal Service, the company ranks 23rd in the list of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine.

“Nova Poshta is one of the country’s largest taxpayers. We are constantly investing in the development of not only our company but also our country,” says Oleksandr Bulba, CEO of Nova Poshta.

Nova Poshta is constantly opening new offices – there are already more than 5,300 of them, mainly in small towns and villages. The company is building innovative terminals to process parcels faster, launching an air freight service to make even quicker deliveries between the east and west of Ukraine.

All our innovations are implemented to benefit our customers, and they appreciate it. 73 out of 100 people are ready to recommend our company – it is an excellent customer loyalty index.

From January to September, Nova Poshta delivered about 150 million parcels, cargos, and documents to 8 million customers. Of those, nearly 2 million were international shipments.

It is important to note that in September 2019, Nova Poshta opened its third innovative terminal in Lviv – LEO.

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