Indian IT-company copies website of Ukrainian N-iX including CEO’s photo

The website of the Ukrainian IT-company N-iX, including its structure, design elements, infographics, presentation style, and even the photo of CEO Andrii Pavliv, was copied by Bellurbis, an Indian software development company.

According to Oleksiy Goncharov, the Head of Marketing at N-iX, a link to the Indian company website was sent by their ex-colleague.

“It was a sudden discovery since there is no universal tool for monitoring of such websites. There are online plagiarism checkers, tools that help you to monitor the use of photos by other sources, but not such copying of the structure of the website and design elements,” he says.

According to him, the Indian company did not bother to adapt the information, so it copied everything it could.

  • The structure of the site, the style of the texts;
  • Company’s infographics;
  • Even the photo of Andrii Pavliv, CEO of N-iX (you can see the large logo of the company on the glass door).

But more than half of the copied sections on the website do not work. The Indian company made them following the example of the Ukrainian website, but probably there is no content to fill them in.

Examples (screenshots were relevant at the time of writing the article):

“Within the company, we talk about the situation with humor. If somebody copies us, the work of our design team and content team is a good example to follow. But absolutely, we will not ignore this case,” Goncharov said.

According to him, the legal department is already working on the case to protect the rights of N-iX and is going to contact the Indian company.