Ukrainians want to relocate to go live in another country. For good

A survey among users of the|grc recruiting portal showed, that today Ukrainians want to leave to work abroad not so much for the money but for the opportunity to stay there. This answer was given by 40% of respondents (compared to 34% in the last year).

Also, in 2019 the number of those who see labor migration as an opportunity to get interesting experience has increased – they account for 27% compared to 18% in 2018.

  • Respondents are ready to get additional education and learn the local language for this.
  • There are fewer people who want to work outside their profession: 39% compared to 65% in 2018.
  • And only 1 out of 100 respondents is not ready to make any compromises.

Where people want to go

The most attractive countries for relocation are Canada, the USA, and Germany.

19% of respondents would not mind working in neighboring countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Czech Republic) and the UK, and 15% wouldn’t mind working in Spain.

The least attractive are the UAE, Portugal and the CIS countries. Only 6% of respondents would like to work in the first two, and CIS countries are of interest to only 3 out of 100 respondents.