Ukrainian email client Spark gets a big update. A sneak peek review

Spark email client for iOS developed by Ukrainian company Readdle executed the largest redesign so far. Now the application has avatars, the ability to customize actions when viewing messages, multi-window support in iPadOS, and dark mode (including for Android versions of Spark).

What’s new in iOS:

  • New design. The appearance of the application has completely changed.
  • Avatars of senders. Spark shows photos of people and company logo next to messages, helping to quickly navigate in the mailbox.
  • Custom set of actions. You can customize Spark to suit your needs and choose which options will be displayed on the lower toolbar when viewing a message (mark as read, delete, reply later, etc.)
  • Multi-window support in iPadOS. Now you can read a long message in the left half of the screen and reply in the right.

Dark mode in iOS and Android. The dark theme is available to all users, regardless of the version of the operating system. Spark can also automatically switch to a dark theme if you enable system dark mode in iOS 13 or Android 10.