Ecological eyewear made of coffee from Ukrainian startup Ochis Coffee raises $10k on Kickstarter in one day

The Ukrainian startup Ochis Coffee, which produces ecological eyewear made of coffee grounds, has raised the necessary $10,000 on Kickstarter. It took a little more than a day. The crowdfunding campaign is ongoing.

About the product

  • Ochis Coffee is a startup of Maksym Havrylenko from Kyiv.
  • The idea is to produce eco-friendly eyewear with biodegradable compounds consisting of natural coffee and flax.
  • The startup uses natural glue made of soybean oil to assemble their eyewear.
  • As a result, Ochis Coffee produces the glasses frames completely safe for the environment.
  • Six types of lenses are available to the customer, which can be selected according to their needs.
  • The price of the glasses starts at $89.
Photo: Ochis Coffee

A little more than a day, the project was supported by 52 backers for $11,419.

In 2018, Ochis Coffee also launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Back then, it raised $13,343.