SMRK VC Fund invests in seafood delivery service owned by Andrii Drohobytskyi, co-founder of LeBoutique

Since October 2019, a startup for seafood delivery Seadora has started its operations in Kyiv. In December 2019, it became known that the SMRK VC Fund had invested in the project, as Andriy Dovzhenko, Managing Partner of SMRK, told

About the project

Seadora allows you to order fish and seafood, which are delivered directly from the place of catch under the customer’s order. Thanks to this approach, the delivery time is reduced to 2-3 days instead of 10-14 days.

The startup has partners all over the world, and once the orders have been placed, they catch fish and then arrange for air freight. The seafood is not frozen, but only cooled and stored at a temperature of +3-5 degrees Celsius.

  • The list of fishing countries includes Iceland, Greece, USA, Canada, Japan, UAE, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Scotland.
  • It is possible to buy whole fish as well as by weight.
  • You can track your order by QR code.

The founder of Seadora is Ukrainian Andrii Drohobytskyi.

Project goals

The company supports the protection of world ocean resources. Thanks to the format of Seadora’s work, seafood losses are next to nothing. In addition to the reduction of waste, seafarers receive direct bonuses instead of resellers.

So far, Seadora operates only in Kyiv. The project plans to enter the EU and North American markets. He is also the CEO and co-founder of the LeBoutique shopping club.

Investment details

According to Andriy Dovzhenko, SMRK VC Fund is the only investor of the project. The amount of the deal and other details are not disclosed.

Details of the investment are recorded in open sources.

  • In Ukraine, Seadora operates as LLC “Sidora” (ТОВ «Сідора») with a share capital of ₴10 million.
  • The founder of the company is Marinita Limited, Cyprus-based company; its ultimate beneficiary is Andrii Drohobytskyi.
  • The Cyprus company was registered in March 2019. The deal with SMRK VC Fund was closed in July, as evidenced by the increase in the share capital and redistribution of shares.
  • According to Dovzhenko, the investment was not publicly discussed at the request of the project.