Ukrainian company Ajax releases new MotionCam device and large update for its OS

Ukrainian producer of security systems Ajax has released several new products: MotionCam sensor, as well as an update for its operating system OS Malevich 2.8, which received a number of new features. AIN.UA received this information from the company representatives.


MotionCam is a motion sensor with a camera for alarm verification. It captures the intrusion and takes a series of pictures – this allows to be sure whether someone got into the room or the device recorded the activity of domestic residents.

The company has developed a new Wings radio protocol specifically for the device. It guarantees the transfer of images in less than 9 seconds to a distance of 1,700 meters and, according to company representatives, provides record energy efficiency for this type of device with batteries lasting up to 4 years.

“MotionCam motion sensors do not violate privacy, because they activate the camera only when there is an alarm – neither users nor the security company has a loophole that allows the sensor to take a picture on command. All data is encrypted during transmission and during storage, and photos are not processed or analyzed by anyone,” Ajax notes.

OS update

Ajax has updated the operating system of its Malevich devices to version 2.8. One of the main innovations is the ability for users to automate their routine activities. Now the security system in the facility can be armed according to the schedule, you can manage home and office equipment according to the schedule, and so on.

For example, the system allows you to configure the operation of the heat-insulated floor according to the schedule and automatically turn on the electric boiler at night – when electricity is cheaper.

Other features include:

  • Anti-flood system. Ajax LeaksProtect leak detectors from the first drops detect a pipe burst, leakage in washing machine or dishwasher. The script automatically shuts off the water and prevents flooding.
  • Home power shutoff in the event of a fire. Fire detectors instantly respond to smoke and temperature rise, and the script turns off the electricity at the facility.
  • Turning on lights and sirens during an alarm. The system scares off robbers while they are still approaching the building with the help of blinding light and loud sirens.
  • Simulation of presence. When going on vacation, you can set the schedule for lighting and audio systems. The house will not look empty in the absence of its tenants and will not attract the attention of robbers.


Ajax added the ability to connect up to 5 ReX radio signal range extenders to a single control panel. This means that the coverage area has increased from 12 to 35 km², and now you can secure large facilities: an office with several floors, a factory with concrete floors, a farm with a large number of buildings and a vast territory, etc.