Countries with the cheapest and fastest Internet: price comparison

Analysts of the discount service have compared the prices of 233 largest providers of unlimited home fiber optic Internet in 62 countries of the world.


According to the platform, the average speed of wired Internet globally is 70 Mbps (as of December 2019). The most frequently offered speed in most of the countries included in the study (in 55 out of 62) is 100 Mbps. 

However, in some countries, large providers do not offer such a “low” speed:

  • In Poland and Romania, the minimum plan provides 150 Mbps,
  • In France – 200 Mbps,
  • In Singapore – 500 Mbps.

While in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam, the speed of 100 Mbps is not widely available.


Among the countries examined, people in South Africa pay the most for the Internet at a speed of 100 Mbps – an average of $87 per month. Residents of Iceland and Norway pay approximately $69 per month for such a connection.

In some countries of Eastern Europe, users pay the least for a comfortable 100 Mbps: Ukraine – $6.19 per month, Russia – $7.68 per month and Moldova – $9.66 per month.

What kind of Internet can one get for $20 (approx. UAH 494) per month?

Of the 62 countries included in the study, 25 were not included in the list. Australia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Italy, Portugal, USA, and South Africa – in these countries unlimited connection via fiber costs more than $20 per month.

High-speed 1 Gbps Internet at a cost below $20 can be found in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, India, Moldova, and Latvia. In Russia, at such a price, high-speed Internet is available at 890 Mbps, and in China, Poland and Lithuania – 600 Mbps.

Gigabit Internet

1 Gbps Internet is a luxury in many countries. In 24 of 44 countries, the monthly cost of such a connection exceeds $50. The most expensive in this regard are Austria and Australia with prices of $220 and $231 per month, respectively.

The cheapest high-speed internet is available in Romania at a price of only $8.84 per month. Next is Ukraine, where a 1 Gbps connection will cost you $10.11 per month.