Ukrainian startup Senstone launches retail sales. The price starts at $179

Ukrainian startup Senstone launched retail sales of its devices. The order can be made online on the company’s website. The price for gadgets starts at $179 per piece.

About Senstone

Senstone is a voice assistant that converts your voice memos into text and organizes them as ideas, lists, and reminders. Senstone works online and offline and does not require the use of a phone. Currently, Senstone works with 12 languages.

In 2017, the startup conducted two successful fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, raising a total of about $450,000. In 2018, the company raised $150,000 in additional pre-orders in the Japanese market.

Start of retail sales

According to Nazar Fedorchuk, CEO of Senstone, the product is fully ready and certified for sale in Europe and Ukraine. Therefore, we decided to launch retail sales in the pre-holiday season.


Since the launch of serial production, the startup has already shipped 2,500 devices – these are deliveries to the backers. Currently, most of the gadgets have already been shipped.

“Bloggers, social network managers use Senstone to create content. Insurance agents, service station technicians, salespeople use it for recording details of events, and people who manage personnel – to quickly record and share tasks. Here are some of the companies, where employees use Senstone: Live Nation, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mercedes Benz Silver (Canada), Chevron,” Nazar said.

Marketplace sales

According to Fedorchuk, the product is patented in the U.S., where Senstone has the brand. The company plans to enter the American e-commerce websites, including Amazon, in early 2020.