Ministry of Digital Transformation and Startup Grind select 15 Ukrainian startups for a trip to Silicon Valley

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and Startup Grind Kyiv and the USAID Ukraine Competitive Economy Program (CEP) have selected 15 Ukrainian startups to travel to Silicon Valley for the Startup Grind Global Conference 2020. The contest organizers provided the list of the startups to AIN.UA.

This list includes:

  1. Let’s Enhance – a service for processing images using neural networks.
  2. – a multichannel sales engagement platform that automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks.
  3. Legal Nodes – a marketplace where a founder or legal adviser of a tech company can find and contact a lawyer who best matches its legal needs.
  4. Poptop – an online event planning marketplace that matches people planning events with suppliers.
  5. Delfast – an electric bike manufacturer.
  6. Animal ID – a service for animal identification.
  7. Kray Technologies – a manufacturer of crop spraying drones.
  8. Costless – a personal shopping assistant that helps you make smart decisions, save money, time, and energy. It provides agencies, brands, and retailers with real-time analytics, forecasts on price and consumption changes, and information on consumer behavior.
  9. AxDraft – a legal-tech service for the automatic drafting of legal documents.
  10. Effa is an ecological toothbrush, made of paper and environmentally friendly materials.
  11. Pix – a manufacturer of the LED pixelized backpacks with a programmable screen.
  12. Nuka – a producer of the “eternal” notebook and pencil.
  13. CamTouch – a set that enables you to turn any flat surface into an interactive one and control it with a laser pointer or special stylus.
  14. ActiveChat – a conversational AI platform with natural language understanding for customer support, e-commerce, and marketing chatbots.
  15. ADAM – 3D bioprinting of organic bone structures.

“More than 50 startups, out of 160 applications received, are already ready to raise foreign investment and bring their products to new markets. The projects that were able to provide evidence of their profitability and vision of further development after the investment have reached the final,” says Kateryna Dehtyar, Startup Grind Kyiv Director.

The winners will receive tickets to the Startup Grind Global Conference 2020, booth, promo, PR support from the organizers, and covering logistics costs.