Online movie theater featuring Ukrainian movies kicks off in Ukraine

Takflix online movie theater will be launched in test mode on December 31. The founder of the project is Ukrainian director and producer Nadiia Parfan, The Village informs.

According to Parfan, the Ukrainian audience does not always get access to new Ukrainian movies: movie theaters show them for a very limited period of time, or at an uncomfortable time, while on online services it gets ‘lost in the shadow of commercial content.’ And Takflix is there to fix this.

  • It will work as a streaming platform for the new Ukrainian movies. Authors and independent films shot in Ukraine in recent years will be uploaded here.
  • Users will have to pay to use the service. For individual movies, it will be possible to buy a movie ticket directly on the website. 50% of the revenue from ticket sales will go to directors and film creators.
  • The first movie to be featured on the service for viewing will be the dystopia of Korney Gritsyuk called “2020: The Deserted Country”. The film describes the events of the conditional year 2020 when the entire population left Ukraine and only eight people remained.
  • In the future, crowdfunding is planned to be launched on the same website to raise funds for the shooting of Ukrainian films.