Google begins suggesting time for travel, recommendations are also available for Ukraine

Google has updated its travel service Travel, according to the company’s blog. When choosing a location, the “Where to Stay” and “When to Visit” tabs are now available. So far, this feature is available only in the desktop version

It displays information about popular areas, weather and the popularity of locations at different times of the year. For example, here is what the service recommends for Odessa:

Most tourists visit Odesa during the period from May to August, especially in the middle of summer. At this time, there is warm weather, perfect for a beach holiday. It is cold in winter and it often rains or snows. In July, the city hosts the International Film Festival.

When you go to the ‘Travel Planning’ section, the service displays a schedule according to which you can find out how much the trip will cost. The cost of a flight for one passenger and 5 nights in a three-star hotel is taken into account.

Also, the cost of living can be planned in the “Hotels” section. For example, in the “low” season, accommodation in Odesa is estimated at $14 – $37 per night, and during peak demand – at $27 – $71 per night.

In the future, Google plans to integrate these features into the mobile version and applications.