Ukrainian app pastes the user’s face onto GIF. It has 100,000 downloads for a month

Ukrainian startup RefaceAI works on a mobile application called Doublicat. With the help of this application, the user can paste his face onto GIF, replacing the character’s face from a popular movie or series. Now, a startup with its application has been presented on ProductHunt.

The company was founded by Roman Mogylnyi, Oles Petriv, and Yaroslav Boiko in 2011, it was called Neocortext at that time. At first, the team was engaged in machine learning, from working with text semantics to visual content. Now the company has focused on its AI-face replacement technology. The RefaceAI development office is located in Kyiv. Now the team is also raising the round of investments.

The project team

Using a mobile application developed by a startup, you can create GIFs from popular movies, TV shows with you in the “starring role.” To do this, take a selfie and the application itself will paste the photo on the selected video, it looks like this:

Now the application has a set of GIFs, as well as tests “Who are you?” from the series Friends, Sillicon Valley, Game of Thrones, and the movies of Star Wars.

“Unlike other face replacement applications, we do not use CGI or 3D modeling. Our technology is based only on AI. It is based on the machine learning method GAN (Generative Adversary Nets), thanks to which the gifs look so realistic,” according to the company information.

The startup has already worked with companies from the entertainment, film, and advertising industries. For example, their RefaceAI technology was used in the “movie selfie” in the Multiplex application: there you could create your own photos in the character of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Terminator, etc.

The team has joined ProductHunt to conduct a public launch of the project and present the technology. Prior to this, the application was available for the test, users during this time made about a million GIFs.