Google now has an R&D center in Ukraine

Google now officially has an R&D center in Ukraine, and a new direction will be created based on CloudSimple. The editorial board of AIN.UA found it out from its own sources. Google has confirmed this information.

What is known

In November 2019, Google acquired CloudSimple with an office in Kyiv. And already in January 2020, the employees of CloudSimple Kyiv office became employees of the Google Kyiv office. So far, Ukrainian Google has only been busy working with local advertisers. Now it has become the 3rd of 8 Google offices in the CEE region with an R&D center. The other two are Google Poland and Google Hungary. It is noteworthy that the development office at Google Russia was closed in 2014 due to the adoption of rules aimed at restricting the freedoms of foreign Internet companies operating in the country.

The founder of CloudSimple is Guru Pangal, he started his business in 2016. In 2020, the company already had 3 offices: in Bangalore, Kyiv, and the main one in Santa Clara, California.

The Kyiv office is located in the Astarta business center and employs about 30 people, according to the AIN.UA editorial staff. LLC “CLOUDSIMPLE UKRAINE” was registered in August 2018. Before that, the company had been outstaffed at Ciklum, as follows from older job postings. Now the company has 4 job postings in Kyiv. The main technology stack is Golang, Kubernetes, Cassandra, Kafka, Java, and Python.

“We can confirm that CloudSimple has joined Google Cloud, which will help us work to improve the integrated solution for VMware migration by expanding support and adding new features for users. More information can be found in our blog,” Google representatives in Ukraine said at the request of the editor of AIN.UA.

About CloudSimple

CloudSimple defines itself as VMWare-as-a-Service in Public Clouds on its website. VMWare products allow you to create virtual machines on physical servers. Virtualization allows you to deploy several independent and isolated projects (websites, mail servers, databases, etc.) within the same physical server, as well as simplify the process of migration between servers.

However, sooner or later, there is a need to migrate existing virtual machines to the clouds which, in fact, are also physical servers with better infrastructure and capabilities. For enterprise companies, this is a non-trivial and troublesome process.

CloudSimple has created a solution that allows you to conveniently transfer virtual machines created by VMWare products from your own physical servers to public clouds, such as Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, while remaining in the familiar VMWare environment. At the same time, as it was first noted by TechCrunch, it is unknown whether the support for Microsoft Azure will continue after the deal.