Ukraine ranks 2nd in the ranking of Internet cheapness. Previously, it was first

Ukraine was ranked second in the rating of the cheapness of the Internet, compiled by the British consulting company BDRC Continental together with the provider In total, the ranking includes 206 countries.

During the research, the experts collected the information on more than 3,000 pricing plans. The data were analyzed for the period from November 28, 2019 to January 8, 2020.

Ukraine has become the second country globally in terms of Internet cheapness. According to the study, the average cost of a fixed-line broadband package in our country is $6.64 per month. Compared to last year, when Ukraine was first in the ranking, the price rose by $1.64.

This year, Syria tops the rating with an average price of $6.6 per month. During the year, the Internet in this country has dropped in price twice, which moved Syria from 7th to 1st place.

The third place is taken by Russia, while the fourth – by Romania, and Belarus closes the top 5.

The most expensive Internet is in Eritrea: $266 per month. The cost of a broadband package in Yemen is almost $2,500, offering an average speed of just 0.38 Mbps. Mauritania is third in the anti-rating. The Internet cost there is almost $700 per month (0.6 Mbps).

Ukraine is behind Russia, Romania, and Belarus in terms of speed. However, it is significantly ahead of Syria, the leader of the rating.