First electronic census results: population of Ukraine is 37 million (excluding Crimea and ORDLO)

As of December 1, 2019, the population of Ukraine amounted to 37.29 million people. Dmytro Dubilet, the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, published such data. This figure does not include the population of the Crimea and separate districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDLO).

The data were collected using combined methods: analysis of mobile operators’ and state registers’ databases as well as utilizing social surveys.

Such a census was conducted in Ukraine for the first time. Previously, sociologists have been taking a census by coming to the apartments of Ukrainians, and this method required a lot of money.

Interesting figures and diagrams

According to the collected data, Ukraine has almost 3 million more women than men: 20.01 million women and 17.28 million men.

There are almost 6 million children under 14 years of age in Ukraine. 6+ million people are over 65 years old. The majority of the population (44% of Ukrainians) are of working age (25-54 year-olds).

The population of Kyiv is 3.7 million people. It is even more than the entire Kharkiv region, which is the largest region in Ukraine in terms of population – 2,700+.

Dubilet also answered a number of frequently asked questions about the census.

Costs and terms for the evaluation and census

The evaluation took 3 months. According to Dmytro, this work did not cost any extra money for the country.

If the census had been conducted using traditional methods (visiting each citizen), it would have cost ₴3.4 billion (the budget for 2020), and the results would have been obtained only in the first quarter of 2021.