Mexican police plan to test Ukrainian-made electric bikes Delfast

Delfast, a startup of Danylo Tonkopiia, signed a contract with the police department in Mexicali. According to its terms, the company has to supply electric bikes with special modifications for testing. Police officers will use them to patrol the downtown area of the city and hard-to-reach areas.

According to Delfast, the company presented its bikes to the chief of police, the mayor of the city, and police officers. As a result, the police decided to purchase several Delfast TopCops bikes.

Presentation of Delfast electric bikes to police departments

Currently, the police patrol the city on regular bicycles. TopCops electric bikes can go for 240 km on a single charge without using pedals. The peak speed of this model is 80 km/h. This electric bike is equipped with a GPS tracker, remote blocking, and start.

“The bikes will operate in the specific climatic conditions of high mountains, tested for ergonomic comfort, construction reliability, protection from dust and high humidity,” the company says.

As a result of the test use, the bikes can be customized to the needs of particular police departments, for example, special signals or all-wheel drive.