Ukrainian biology textbook contains game for studying infections Plague Inc.

Twitter users spotlight a practical work in the 11th-grade Biology and Ecology textbook, written by K. Zadorozhnyi.

One of the tasks refers to the Plague Inc. game, a pandemic simulator for mobile devices. The goal of the game is to cause human extinction all over the world by infecting people with a dangerous and untreated virus. In the game, students have to simulate global pandemic spreading. Then you have to outline the results and make assumptions.

Plague Inc. game screenshot

Recommendations for such practical work can be found in the 10th-11th grade collected book of school curriculums, namely, Profession-oriented school as a path to a competitive personality. The collected book was compiled with the assistance of the National Academy of Educational Sciences and the Institute of Pedagogy.

The collected book of recommendations can be found here, there is also an online version of the biology textbook.

It is not the first time when Ukrainian educational materials contain Internet references. Previously, it was found Keanu Reeves meme in a history textbook, and a map from TES: Skyrim – in a geography textbook.

How’s Plague Inc. doing?

Earlier, Plague Inc. experienced a new wave of popularity. Thanks to a coronavirus outbreak, the game entered the mobile store charts at top positions. According to the analytical service AppAnnie, the game remains in the top even today, Plague Inс. is the leader of the most downloaded paid apps of the Ukrainian App Store.

SensorTower estimates that in January 2020, the iOS version of Plague Inc. had 200,000 new downloads and generated $1 million in revenue. The Android version, which can be downloaded for free (with in-app purchases), has been downloaded more than 3 million times over the same period, providing a revenue of $400,000.