Export of Ukrainian IT services in 2019: State Statistics Service data

The State Statistics Service of Ukraine presented the report on foreign trade in services for 2019. According to the data, Ukraine exported $2.43B worth of IТ services abroad, hromadske informs.

The report dated by February 14, 2020, shows that the export of IT services from Ukraine increased by 15%. Now it equals 16% of the export of all services, which brought $15.23B to the country.

In percentage terms, the export of IT services was distributed as follows:

  • 79.2% ($1.92 billion) – export of computer services;
  • 16.3% ($395.5 million) information services;
  • 0.5% ($110.6 million) – export of telecommunications services.

The import amounted to $495.8 million. Computer services represent the largest part of imports – $275.3 million.