Ukrainian biodegradable bags for garbage and shopping available for purchase now

Ukrainian company Novis, a manufacturer of packaging products, has developed biodegradable bags made of potato and corn starch with plant biopolymers. Such bags decompose completely in home conditions within 30 to 90 days, as reported by ITC.

According to the company’s director Andrii Bereza, the bags don’t need an industrial-grade composter to degrade. Such bags decompose in home conditions and can later be used as fertilizer.

“At the end of last year, we manufactured a bag from corn starch and gained certification to OK compost HOME standard,” Bereza said at a press conference organized by the news agency Most-Dnepr. “Under this standard, our factory is the first in Ukraine to manufacture a product of the kind, and this is an important step towards environmental awareness.”

He added that several retail chains were already testing the biodegradable bags. They can also be purchased from the company’s website – garbage bags at UAH 59 for 20 pcs, 35 liters each; shopping T-shirt bags at UAH 338 for 200 pcs.