iForum 2020 to be postponed until the fall due to coronavirus

On March 10, 2020, the organizing committee of the largest Ukrainian tech conference iForum decided to postpone it until the fall, due to the coronavirus spreading. The exact date of the conference is still unknown, as reported to AIN.UA by the conference organizing committee.

“We have weighed all risks taking into account the World Health Organization international recommendations to minimize the spread of coronavirus, as well as the situation in Ukraine. The coronavirus outbreak has made its corrections in many businesses and disrupted many plans. But we are not going to cancel the event,” the press service of the conference says.

Denis Dovgopoliy, who is a member of the organizing committee of the conference, explained this decision to AIN.UA:

“Mathematics says that the coronavirus outbreak in Ukraine will peak between April 20 and May 20. Given the state of our medicine, it seemed unwise to hold a public event during this period,” he said.

Those who have already bought tickets for the conference will be able to attend it in the autumn. “We will honor all obligations to our partners and participants who have already bought tickets,” said the organizing committee of the conference.