Ukrainian startup nect WORLD joins Boomtown Accelerators

The Ukrainian company nect WORLD Inc. has joined the American Boomtown Accelerators.

The Kyiv-based startup is developing a 4G modem for laptop users with eSIM support and Wi-Fi access point function, nect MODEM. The body of the device is made of recycled plastic. The startup started creating its product in early 2019. The team consists of 3 people.

The accelerator invests $35,000 in the project in exchange for 7% common stock equity. However, according to the participation rules, such an investment does not affect the valuation of the company, as it doesn’t count as a funding round.

nect MODEM device

The startup will complete a three-month training program in Boulder, Colorado, and will also have access to a database of investors and mentors. The result of the training will be Demo Day with a presentation of his work.

Previously, AIN.UA told how nect WORLD planned to visit WWDC, but lost $4,000 due to cancellation of the event.