Forbes 30 under 30: Allset cofounders, BetterMe, and … alyona alyona (!)

Forbes has published an annual ranking of 30 entrepreneurs, leaders, and stars under the age of 30. The Ukrainians were also included in it.

Technology category:

  • Stas Matviyenko (28) and Anna Polishchuk (29) – cofounders of Allset, food pre-order service. Currently, the company has 2,500 connected restaurants in the U.S. and about $16 million in investments.
  • Victoria Repa (27) is a cofounder and CEO of BetterMe, health and fitness apps that have over 50 million installs and about 400,000 paying subscribers.

Entertainment category:

  • Rapper alyona alyona (28). The magazine writes that she introduces Ukrainian rap to the world, and also mentions her tours all over Europe and success in the local market.