Ukrainian Wikipedia has over 1 million articles. It ranks 17th in the world

On March 23, 2020, еhe Ukrainian Wikipedia reached the 1-million-article mark, as reported on Wikipedia’s official Facebook page.

The article was about the American singer Odetta Holmes.

The Ukrainian Wikipedia already has 1,000,267 articles – by this indicator, it is on the 17th place among all language sections, on the 11th place among European Wikipedias, and the 3rd place among Wikipedias in Slavic languages.

The largest Wikipedias are the English and Cebuano languages (one of the languages of the Philippines) editions. They have over 5 million articles. Swedish Wikipedia has more than 3 million articles. German and French ones have more than 2 million articles.

Ukrainian Wikipedia Growth

Diagram: Wikipedia

Other facts about Wikipedia

  • The first article on the Ukrainian online encyclopedia website appeared in early 2004. On January 30, 2020, the Ukrainian Wikipedia celebrated its 16th anniversary.
  • The Ukrainian Wikipedia has 498,435 users registered during the whole period of its existence. 76,322 out of them made at least one edit, and 19,465 made at least 10 edits.
  • In 2019, only 221 million pages in all languages were reviewed from the territory of Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian Wikipedia crossed the mark of 700,000 articles in 2017.