A startup creates touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser and uploads 3D printable blueprints online

Lviv-based startup 3D Tech, which is engaged in 3D modeling and printing, has developed the design of a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser. You can sanitize your hands by bringing them close to the device without touching it.

This is not the first such device on the market, but the company sells it at cost price ($22, without filler). The company has also uploaded the blueprint online so that anyone could print and assemble this device. Pavlo Yesyp, CEO of the company, shared the news with AIN.UA.

According to him, as soon as the quarantine has begun, the company decided to install hand sanitizers at its production facilities.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone’s hands are clean at our 3D farm, but we ran into the problem that there are no cheap touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers, and we cannot afford expensive UAH 4,000 apiece,” he says.

Therefore, we decided to develop and print our own hand sanitizer dispenser using a 3D printer. As a result, we got ourselves a device that sanitizes hands touch-free. Moreover, it can be refilled with any liquid solution. Its frame is printed from PLA and PET plastic.

According to Pavlo, the company decided to make this project open source. The device consists of common components that are easy to find, and anyone can print it even with minimal knowledge of operating a 3D printer. The blueprint of the dispenser and the list of its components are available on Thingiverse.

“We made the files for 3D printing and the list of components open access: anyone in Ukraine can manufacture the same hand sanitizer dispenser and improve our model. The story is similar to how facemasks are made in the Czech Republic, and valves are printed in Italy,” he says.