Ukrainian Liki24 listed among startups supporting Europe’s coronavirus efforts

Sifted, the platform dedicated to the European startup ecosystem (part of the Financial Times), has compiled a list of European startups that have launched the most useful services in the fight against coronavirus. The list, which is constantly being updated, includes the Ukrainian startup Liki24.

Liki24 is included in the list of Healthtech startups. The company, in cooperation with Ukrposhta, has launched free deliveries of medicines during the quarantine. The free delivery service is available all over Ukraine, except for Kyiv. For the capital, where pharmacies are more accessible, the startup offered a special tariff of UAH 35. You can arrange delivery by phone or on the website of Liki24.

To recap, Liki24 has several models of monetization. In addition to delivery fees, a small portion of the revenue comes from pharmacy surcharges for sales volume. Besides, the startup develops the B2B direction and cooperates with insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, giving them access to their software. Among the clients are the largest Ukrainian insurance companies: Providna, Alfa Insurance, PZU, Kraina, and others.

In July 2019, the founder and CEO of Liki24 told AIN.UA that the total turnover of orders processed via the website was $2 million a year.

“We have more than 30,000 individual customers, we cooperate with 7 insurance companies, 3,500+ pharmacies, the traffic is almost 400,000 unique users per month, and last week we had more than 50,000 completed orders. And this is only as far as B2C is concerned,” he said.