Top 6 video call apps during the pandemic. In Ukraine, Zoom tops the list

Picodi company has analyzed which video conferencing applications have become the most popular in recent times. For this purpose, it calculated the number of search queries associated with a couple of dozen messengers from large and niche companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Rakuten, Line Corporation.

  • WhatsApp tops the list of the apps. It was chosen most often in 22 countries. The increased interest in the “green messenger” was also noted in Russia and Turkey.
  • Zoom is the most frequently used application in 14 countries. The app is in high demand in Ukraine, Moldova, the north of Europe (UK, Norway) and in some Baltic countries (Lithuania, Estonia).
  • Skype is commonly used in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Greece.
  • Viber is very popular in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia.
  • Microsoft Teams – in Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, and Liechtenstein.
  • And only the people of Denmark give preference to the Google Meet app during the pandemic.