Admitad pays out $300k to employees’ families fired due to the crisis, including ones in Ukraine

Admitad, the international partner network, has launched a support program for its employees. Those whose parents, husband, or wife lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis can apply to the company’s fund for $1,000 compensation.

How and to whom will the money be paid?

It will be a one-time payment, formalized as a salary bonus. It will be credited to the payroll card. Employees will be able to get the monetary support after applying for it, filling out a questionnaire, and checking whether their families are in a difficult situation and need help. The company will make the payments in the period between May 1 and August 1.

The program will be available in all Admitad offices. Admitad has 7 offices in Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, UAE, India, and China. The company employs over 600 people.

As Admitad informed AIN.UA, the Ukrainian office of the company currently employs about 200 people. Those of them, who will face the dismissal of their relatives, will receive the payment. A total of 10 people have already applied for help.

How did it launch the support program?

Admitad conducts regular employee surveys, and in April, it found that the stress level had increased. 20% noted that they faced the dismissal of their relatives because of the crisis.

“It’s hard to focus on work when people you love have problems, including financial ones. That’s why we decided to create this fund. We value human resources and hope that this small contribution will help many employees to overcome the crisis more easily,” said Alexander Bachmann, CEO of Admitad.

Based on the fact that 20% of employees who have already told about the dismissal of their relatives, and others may have this problem in the future, the company has formed a fund of $300,000 (the amount includes taxes paid by the company on this payment), from which it will pay aid.