Ukrainians order 2.6 tons of goods on Aliexpress via Nova Poshta per day. These are covers, cables, clothes, and dietary supplements

In Q1 2020, Nova Poshta Global, which is part of the Nova Poshta Group of Companies, delivered more than 1,000 tons of goods from China and the United States just by air, as reported by the press service of the company. On average, Nova Poshta customers order about 2.6 tons of goods per day exclusively on Aliexpress. In general, the number of orders from the website increased by 28% compared to April last year.

The company explains the increase of orders on the AliExpress website with the launch of delivery directly to the Nova Poshta post office. To place an order, now you need to specify the AliExpress Standard Shipping option and select the nearest post office on the map.

During the quarantine, the number of orders from customers from the Zhytomyr region has doubled. However, the most active buyers on international websites remain residents of large cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, and Lviv.

Average order amount and top goods

Not only the number of orders on Aliexpress has increased, but also the average check. If it amounted $6.6 before the quarantine, now it has grown to $11.6. Among orders, the number of protective equipment and medical products has increased: masks, respirators, thermometers, etc.

The most popular categories of goods remain:

  • phone covers,
  • cables,
  • chargers,
  • clothes, shoes, underwear,
  • dietary supplements.

Top 5 Foreign Online Shopping Sites

Nova Poshta has also published a list of the most popular foreign online shopping sites among its customers:

  • Aliexpress,
  • iHerb,
  • eBay,
  • Amazon,
  • 6p.m.