Ukrainian legal service Avodocs becomes the Product of the Day and Week on ProductHunt

The developers of the AxDraft project have released a new version of their product, Avodocs, which allows you to draft legal documents for startups. It became the product of the day and then the week on the ProductHunt site, receiving 2,500 votes. Yuriy Zaremba, the founder of AxDraft, told AIN.UA what it means for the service.

Avodocs became the second legal-tech product on ProductHunt after Stripe Atlas, which got the most votes from users.

“We now have over 2,500 votes. In the overall ranking, this puts us among the top 300 launches in history, and there were several million. Number 1 is Startup Stash with 20,000+ votes,” said Yuriy Zaremba, the founder of AxDraft.

How did it benefit Avodocs?

After the launch, Avodocs added monetization and received several hundred dollars of new subscriptions in a week. However, according to Zaremba, the main advantage that gives the award on ProductHunt is traffic and early feedback. Besides, it allows attracting an international audience.

Avodocs was already published on ProductHunt in March 2019. And then, the team also noted a sharp increase in attendance.

“Two peaks on the screenshot are the first and second launch on ProducHunt. But the important thing is that after the first launch, the number of regular active users has increased sevenfold. This time we expect 2-3 times growth,” Zaremba comments.

That is not easy to become the Product of the Day/Week/Month. It depends not only on the quantity but also on the quality and dynamics of the project support by the audience.

“For example, last time we got the most votes, but we didn’t even enter the top 5. And this time, we corrected our mistakes and became the Product of the Day,” stressed AxDraft CEO.