What places in Ukraine and Kyiv started working on May 11: full list

Since May 11, 2020, quarantine restrictions have been partially lifted in Ukraine: you can walk in parks, open non-food shops, and cafes. The Cabinet of Ministers has published amendments to Resolution No. 211, which regulate it. AIN.UA provides a full list of all things that have been allowed since 11 May by the document.

What businesses and institutions were allowed to work?

Since May 11, 2020, the following institutions were reopened (under particular terms, which we will write below):

  • takeout service at cafes and restaurants;
  • summer terraces at cafes and restaurants;
  • stores that do not sell food (in particular, those located in the shopping malls);
  • museums, nature reserves (it is up to the owner of the institution to accept visitors or not);
  • dental clinics;
  • beauty salons and hairdressing salons;
  • domestic services;
  • attorney, notary, auditor, psychologist offices;
  • activities of mass media enterprises;
  • film and video shooting, rehearsals in theatres, circuses, concert organizations, art groups (up to 50 people, without the audience).

Also open to the public:

  • Parks, squares, recreation areas, beaches;
  • Children’s and sports grounds in the street.

Terms of reopening

Many companies are allowed to work under particular terms. For example, according to the text of the document, shops are allowed to work if:

  • the staff has been provided with protective equipment (face, eyes, hands protection);
  • visitors wear protective equipment (respirators or masks);
  • provide regular disinfection;
  • there is no more than one visitor per 10 sq. m, etc.

Summer terraces of cafes and restaurants (which can provide take-away services since May 11) are allowed to work if:

  • there are at least 1.5 m of the distance between the tables and no more than two people sitting at the same table (not counting children under 14).

Restaurants and cafes, which are the operator of the food services market, are allowed to work following the Law “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Food Safety and Quality.” According to this law, food service market operators are companies that process, produce, or sell food. More detailed information about the rules under which summer terraces can work (in particular, during quarantine) you can find in the article by Poster lawyers.

What places remain closed?

Since May 11, such businesses have remained closed:

  • food courts and entertainment areas in shopping malls;
  • cinemas and theaters;
  • gyms and fitness centers.
  • There are also still rules on the groups of no more than 2 people, on wearing masks, and carrying documents with you outside.

Quarantine easing in Kyiv

Despite the Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution, the Kyiv authorities said that they do not allow to open large shopping malls at this stage. It was discussed during an online briefing with Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

“Large shopping and entertainment centers, as well as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, coastal areas, will remain closed at the first stage of the quarantine easing,” said Klitschko.