UNIT Factory, a free school of programming, is being closed. About $5 million was invested in the project

The free programming school UNIT Factory, which existed at UNIT.City since 2016, will be closed. The news was reported to AIN.UA by the press service of the UFuture holding company.

“About $5 million was invested in this project. All these years, the courses were free of charge, provided the graduates continue to work in Ukraine for three years. We tried to support the potential of gifted young people and stimulate the development of modern IT education in Ukraine,” commented Vasyl Khmelnitsky, the investor of the school, the founder of K.Fund and holding company UFuture.

What is UNIT Factory

UNIT Factory taught programmers on the system of a global network of Paris School 42. It does not have teachers, lesson schedules, syllabi, and traditional assessments. Teaching is based on the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) method, which allows students to collaborate and discover their creativity during teamwork on projects.

The Ukrainian institution worked in 24/7 mode. The course of study at UNIT Factory lasted from two to three years. During the time of the school’s existence, more than a thousand students have partially or fully completed a course at UNIT Factory.

Why the school is being closed and what will happen to the students

The reason for the school closure at K.Fund was cited as “the unfavorable current economic situation.”

UNIT Factory will be closed already this month. Students who have not had time to complete a full course of study will receive certificates on the level achieved and will be able to continue their education in other campuses of the global network of School 42.