The court finds the Ukrainian guilty of uploading videos to PornHub and inflicts a ₴3,400 penalty

Shyshaky District Court of Poltava region found the user guilty of making pornographic videos and uploading them to PornHub. However, in the decision, the court misprinted the name of the website and named it Pornhud.

“He distributed the videos to free access for other users of the network with a laptop of Asus brand, a router of Mercusys brand via the Internet on the account Honey-sexpistol, which he created on the Pornhud website,” the court said in its decision.

The suspect pleaded guilty. The court imposed a penalty of ₴3,400.

According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the production and distribution of pornography are considered a crime for which penalties and even imprisonment are imposed (Article 301 of the Code).

Interestingly, sometimes, in such cases, the court takes a side of defendants. For example, a web-cam model who has been tried for the distribution of pornography won a ₴270,000 payout against the state for non-pecuniary damages associated with the prosecution in January 2020.