Ukrainian Banda Agency becomes the most effective independent agency worldwide

Banda Creative Agency has won the Effie Award and has become the most effective independent agency in the world, as announced by Banda’s press office.

About the award

Effie Awards recognizes the most effective advertising campaigns worldwide. The jury awards the main agencies in the field of marketing and advertising communications. Effie Award competitions have been held since 1968 in 50 countries.

There is also the Global Effie Index, the annual worldwide ranking of marketing effectiveness for agencies, advertisers, and brands, which is based on the results of the competitions.

Winners in other categories

  • The most effective marketer is Unilever (Netherlands).
  • The most effective brand is Coca-Cola (USA).
  • The most effective agency holding group is WPP (Great Britain).
  • The most effective network agency is McCann Worldgroup (USA).

“The most important thing that a brand should do in the world of its communications is to be sincere. We have entered the era of openness. No more b2c or b2b, now it’s h2h: Human to Human,” Yaroslav Serdyuk, co-founder of banda.